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    Notorious B.I.G.

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"First off, f*ck your b*tch and the click you claim West side when we ride Come equipped with game You claim to be a playa But, I f*cked your wife We bust on Bad Boys ni**as f*cked for Life Plus Puffy tryin' to see me weak Hearts I rip Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia some mark a** b*tches."

"You cross-eyed, Down syndrome, Crack baby ... Heard they call you Big Poppa ni**a how yousa figure Cause to me You'll always be a phony fat ni**a."

The Notorious BIG a/k/a Biggie Smalls used to be friends with Tupac before Pac got shot and robbed in New York in 1994.  Notorious BIG was supposed to be a member of the group Thug Life and he also recorded several tracks with Tupac, such as Runnin (from the Police) which also featured Dramacydal. Tupac helped Biggie to start his career and let him come on stage when Tupac had concerts, which helped Biggie to become well known in New York.

Tupac said that Biggie never intended to sign with Bad Boy Records when he was with Thug Life, on the contrary, he didn't like Sean Combs.  At the set of Poetic Justice, Tupac used to play Biggie's first single Party and Bullshit but he told Biggie to change his style because he could only have success by rapping songs "the bitches" would like. After that, Biggie changed his style from Party and Bullshit" to "Big Poppa".

Biggie signed with Sean Combs' label and released the CD Ready to Die which mainly dealt with death. Tupac said that the album sounded like his upcoming album Me Against the World. Therefore, Tupac changed the whole album.

The beef finally broke out when Tupac was shot in New York. He was supposed to recorded a song with Lil Shawn that night and a lot of NY rappers were there, including Biggie. When Tupac entered the Squad Recording Studios building, two men, dressed in army fatigues attacked him, Stretch Walker and Zaid Shakur with guns. Tupac was robbed and shot five times. Tupac said that Biggie set him up. He didn't mean that Biggie was behind the shooting, but Tupac was sure that Biggie knew about the battery which took place that night. Tupac was angry because Biggie didn't warn him or help him after the shooting. 

While Tupac served time in jail, Biggie and a lot of other people gave him shout outs. Tupac thought that Biggie was trying to take his position. Biggie became a very popular rapper while Tupac was in jail, which confirmed his hypothesis. When Tupac was bailed out by Interscope Records and Atlantic Records to sign with Death Row Records, he started to take shots at Biggie in his songs. The most popular song is probably Hit Em Up, in which Tupac claimed that he had sex with Biggie's wife Faith Evans shortly after his release from jail. 

First off, fuck your bitch in the click you claim
Westside when we Ride come equipped with game
You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife
we bust on Bad Boys niggaz fuck for life
-Hit Em Up

You bitch niggas
Gettin' blown away
You cross-eyed
Down syndrome
Crack baby
So you and Puffy are tough
Now that's crazy
I got your ass in my sight
Niggas dyin' tonight
-Hit Em Up 2

The Notorious BIG never dissed Tupac in public, he rarely mentioned him in songs, e.g. in a song called Brooklyn's finest, a collaboration with Jay Z:

If Faith had twins, 
she'd probably have two Pac's
Get it, Tupac's

The Notorious BIG was murdered on March 9th, 1997 in Los Angeles/CA. He was shot by a yet unknown assailant.



Puff Daddy


"Now when I say Pig, You say B-I-G, When I say BadBoy Killa, Then you say ME, When I say Puffy is a punk, You scream word on my life, I wrote this sh*t while f*cking Bigs wife."

"Puffy weaker than a f*cking block I'm running you ni**a ... So you and Puffy are tough Now that's crazy I got your a** in my sight ni**as dyin' tonight."

Puffy, who owns Bad Boy Entertainment, was one of Tupac's biggest foes during Pac's time at Death Row Records.  Puffy, who was already an enemy of Suge Knight has never been a real friend of Tupac. Puffy approached Tupac to sign with Bad Boy Records in 1994 but Tupac declined the offer.  Since Bad Boy Records was allegedly founded by the New York based Black Mafia, some people claim that Tupac was shot because of the declination.  Sean Combs was also in the studio in NY where Tupac was shot, along with Andre Harrell and others. Tupac was shot and robbed in the entrance of the building and then got himself into the elevator. He went up to the floor where everybody was hanging out. Tupac said that Puffy looked real shocked when he saw Tupac, as if he had seen a ghost. Tupac thought that Puffy also knew about the set up and was angry because Puffy denied that. While Tupac was in jail, Puffy wanted to make peace with him by sending him a letter and giving him props like "Hey Pac, keep your struggle on", while he was out with Biggie working on Biggie's career. When Tupac was released, he immediately began to diss Puffy. 

Plus Puffy wants to see me weak, hearts I rip
Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia, some mark ass bitches
- Hit Em Up

Puffy gettin robbed like a bitch, to hide that fact
He did some shit he shouldn't have did
So we ride em for that
- Against All Odds

Ever since Tupac's death, Puffy has been trying to take over Tupac's fans by giving him RIP shout outs and even playing Tupac songs at his concerts. 




Mobb Deep


"Pay attention heres a word to those that robbed me I murdered you then I run a train on Mobb Deep, don't f*ck with me, ni**a you barely living, don't you got sickle cell, see me and have a seizure on stage, you ain't feeling well."

"Oh yah Mobb Deep, You wanna f*ck with us, You Little young a** mutha f*ckas Don't one of you ni**as got sickle-cell or something.  You f*cking with me, ni**a ? You f*ck around and catch a seizure or a heart-attack.  You better back the f*ck up Before you get smacked the f*ck up."

Mobb Deep is a rap duo consisting of Prodigy and Havoc. Tupac first addressed them when he was in prison by sending some of his friends to a concert to confront Mobb Deep.  Mobb Deep had been taking minor shots at Tupac and in a song called "Survival of the Fittest", they rapped about Tupac's notorious Thug Life: "Thug Life we still livin it..."

Tupac took this as a diss because when he was in jail, he did an interview with Vibe where he claimed that Thug Life was dead and that he was giving it up. Mobb Deep felt as if they were tough enough to represent it, but when they encountered Tupac's mates yelling Thug Life, they didn't pay any attention to them.  According to Tupac they were very scared and did everything they could to avoid conflict.

When Tupac was bailed out, he started to take shots at them publicly, in popular songs such as "Hit Em Up" and in interviews with big radio stations. Tupac called them little kids and said that they were not on his level, yet they had the courage to retaliate on their song "Drop a Gem on Em". They were the only ones who dissed him in public, although the album, on which the song was officially released, came out after Tupac's premature death. 

Tupac always dissed Prodigy's disease, the sickle cell anemia.

"Nigga you're barely breathing, don't you got sickle cell? See me and have a seizure on stage, you ain't feeling well. Hell, how many niggaz wanna be involved? See I was only talking to Biggie, but I kill all y'all" - When We Ride on Our Enemies

Mobb Deep are still rumored to be attacking Tupac on songs like "The (Thug) Life is mine" after his death. Also Nas is involved in these songs and they got close with him after Tupac's death especially. 

There is still a beef between Tupac's proteg鳠and Mobb Deep going on, especially because of the song "The Life is Mine". Mobb Deep claims that the Outlawz are not on their level but they have to respond sooner or later.







"Hey Nas remember that sh*t you said?   I don?t know what magazine you said some sh*t how I wasn?t... nobody saying thugs until. Well whateva whatever, whatever. ni**a you better really go to the record store, go check out some of the albums you be putting out muthaf*cka. We been saying on this thug sh*t for a while now. And I know you been listening cause you been biting this sh*t. So uh, recognize and realize before yo a** get rolled on!"
Nasir Jones, a talented rapper from New York was caught up in the east/west beef due to his big mouth.

Tupac and Nas met each other at the House of Blues, where Tupac and Nas talked about the whole beef situation and how it is meant. Tupac told Nas that he was in no way involved and that he should not get caught up in it because Tupac and Death Row had nothing but love for him. But then, Tupac listened to Nas' songs and he remarked that there was a song in which Nas was talking about fake thugs and it sounded as if Nas was talking about Tupac. The song is entitled "The Message".  Tupac also noticed that Nas liked to talk a lot about Thug Life after Pac introduced it to the whole world, which pissed Tupac off because he was the man to represent it and who had done it before.  Tupac accused Nas of biting his style, stealing his life for his songs and so forth.  Therefor, Tupac dissed Nas on songs like "Against all Odds" and in interviews, in example in the interview about Death Row East. 

"Hey Nas, your whole damn style is bitten [Like Rakim Man], heard my melody, read about my life in the papers, all my run-ins authorities, felonious capers, now you wanna live my life? So what's that has-n-Nas, nigga that does not rhyme right..." - Against All Odds

Nas never dissed Tupac publicly, he only had a song on a mix tape in which he dissed Tupac saying "rolling over this Makaveli".

Nas tried to make peace with Tupac after his death by releasing a song called "We Will Survive" in which he praises Tupac like his best friend but it is obvious that he only tries to do it for the public because when you listen to "The Life is Mine", a collaboration with Mobb Deep, then you hear him dissing Tupac just without calling Tupac out by name.





LL Cool J


LL Cool J

"Hey LL, meet my lil homiez LL Cool J, say what, ni**a I'll rock your mothaf*ckin bells, me and my mothaf*ckin lil homiez, outlawz, real ni**as, my lil homiez, who wants to get with this old wild sh*t?"

"Call me a motherf*cking troublemaker, Send me to jail, But watch me bust on L.L." 

Ladies Love Cool James, who is acknowledged as one of the first rappers who made rap popular for the masses, was one of Tupac's foes.  Although Tupac admired him and gave him a shout out on his song "Old School" which is praising all the rappers that influenced him throughout his career and who helped rap, he got into beef with LL over some still curious reasons.

LL didn't seem to be pleased with the whole Tupac situation and recorded a remix of his song "I Shot Ya", which brings to mind a song by Notorious BIG which was called "Who Shot Ya."  Tupac thought this song was about him being shot in New York. The song featured Keith Murray, Fat Joe, Foxy Brown and Prodigy off Mobb Deep.

Tupac and LL were not much of friends anytime before and Tupac was pretty pissed. Therefore, Tupac recorded tracks with shots at LL. For example in "My little Homies", which remains unreleased until today, he says "Say what nigga, I rock your motherfucking bells", referring to LL's song "I Rock The Bell".  It is still unknown whether any other occasions took place or not but LL even took shots at Tupac on his album "Phenomenon", in which he says: "She says she loves Tupac but hates LL. Do you really want a Thug or do you want love". This is an apparent diss to Tupac and pretty weak knowing that it was released after Tupac's death. 





C.Delores Tucker

C. Deloris Tucker

Deloris Tucker was a black women against gangster rap trying to put all kinds of censorship's on it, basically saying it needed to be banned.  Tupac saw this as "instead of trying to help a ni**a you destroy a brother".  He made reference to her in "Wonda Why they Call u b*tch", a song she says ruined her sex life, and as a result she's suing the estate of Tupac.  He released the song while he was alive, and she waited until he died to sue, how cowardly is that.  She really is only out for the money.




Chino XL


Chino XL The disagreement between Tupac and New Jersey rapper Chino XL, known for clever lyrics and shocking metaphors, began when Chino rapped the following line on a track titled Riiot!: "I'm trying not to get fucked like 2Pac in jail." 

Chino was referring to a rumor started by Wendy Williams - that Tupac had been raped while he was in Rikers island. The fued wasn't serious, but began to elevate over time. In a radio interview Tupac addressed Chino stating, "Off the air, I'm gonna beat this ni**az a**, and also on the song Hit Em Up with the infamous "Chino XL, Fuck You Too!" Chino responded in several songs including a several minute long freestyle on New York radio.

In an interview Chino later stated, "I got a chance to see him on Venice Beach one time right before he passed and I let him know that if I would have known (my lyrics) would have (upset) him like that, I would have never said it. I mean I was a fan of his like everybody else was. Everything was straight though and The Outlaws are my peeps from Jersey so it was all peace."


Wendy Williams

William Johnson might be unknown to most of the Tupac fans under his real name, but he is probably one of Tupac's most serious enemies. He is also known as Trevor or King Tut, who is a notorious delinquent from New York City.  He is a major figure within the Black Mafia, an organized syndicate, consisting of black felons mainly. They allegedly financed Bad Boy Entertainment.  Tupac was approached to sign with Bad Boy Records but refused to sign with Puffy's label.  Tupac used to hang out with Trevor and Nigel all the time and they got him gold, good clothes and he felt that these people were friends of his.  They were also with him when he first met Ayanna Hackson, the woman that later sued him for rape.

November 30th, 1994: Tupac was shot 5 times and robbed by two gangsters.  Behind the shooting was Trevor and Nigel, Tupac always knew that but he never said it publicly until he released The Don Killuminati - The 7 Day Theory:

"Here we come gunshots to Tut, now you stuck.  Fuck the rap game nigga, nigga this M.O.B, so believe me, we enemies, I go against all odds"

I major reason why Tupac signed with Death Row might also be that he needed protection from those gangsters since the NY shooting was an obvious attempt to murder him.   King Tut allegedly even admitted that he was involved in the shooting because Tupac "needed to be disciplined".

This is most of Tupac's enemies and why they are enemies. These people may have all played a part in the assasination of Tupac, maybe they didn't even have anything to do with it.

These are Tupac's enemies and if you have an questions or comments, feel free to send me an e - mail at,

Makaveli - 7 Day Theory...Dead or Alive?