Makaveli - 7 Day Theory
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The biggest controversy over Tupac has been the question, is he dead or alive.  The alive rumors which originally began on the internet started when Tupac's CD Makaveli: The 7 Day theory came out after his death.  Makaveli is of course Tupac's alias based on the Italian philosopher Machiaveli.  Machiaveli wrote "The Prince" a warriors handbook on how to achieve and hold power, which led people to believe that Tupac faked his death to fool his enemies and then come back to over throw them.  The CD cover of Makaveli shows Tupac on a cross, which leads some people to believe it is part of a plan for resurrection.  The title Killuminati, the 7 day theory, in combination with a significant amount of the number 7 (his time of death 4:03 4 + 3 = 7 etc), added to this theory.  Another factor which adds to the theory is the "Plan" that Tupac refers too.  In many songs he mentions having a plan to get richer.  It's possible this plan was faking his death, the other possible plan was the label Makaveli Records he was trying to start.  Since the alive theory was started people have looked into his music for references to the alive theory with incredible depth.  The only problem I have with the theory is that at times people look so far into his music I feel they miss the actual point of the line, phrase or song, and I feel it takes away from his music. 

There are many other things people need to take into consideration when pondering the alive theory.  If Tupac is alive and he came back, he would face charges for faking his death, which is a serious offense.  He always said "I'd rather die before I see the penitentiary."  Also, if he's faked his death for the purpose of coming back, wouldn't it make more sense not to leave clues and make it a complete surprise ?   Don't get me wrong, there are many suspicious factors in the death of Tupac, many of which justify the alive theory completely, but many other facts have just been twisted.   Which facts are true and which aren't ?

Birth Name: Lesane Parish Crooks
Legal Name: Tupac Amaru Shakur
Born: June 16, 1971 - Manhattan, New York
Died: September 13, 1996 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Rapper/Actor
Divorced: Keisha Morris
Engaged: Kidida Jones
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lbs
Mother: Alice Faye Williams (Afeni Shakur)
Father: William Garland
Godfather: Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt
Step Father: Jeral Wayne Williams (Mutulu Shakur)
Half Sister: Sekyiwa Shakur
Step Brother: Maurice Harding (Mopreme of Thug Life)


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Makaveli - 7 Day Theory...Dead or Alive?